Tuesday 8th August

amaranthus dried flowers

Amaranthus viridis hanging down on the drying rack. This is the green version of the well-known Love Lies Bleeding. Both the green and the red are indispensable in dried flower arrangements with long inflorescences hanging down in stunning cascades. The individual flowers are small, a couple of millimetres at most, but when clustered together they […]

Saturday 8th July

Magnolia wilsonii dried flowers

One of my favourite plants in our garden was introduced to me by that great plantsman and Magnolia specialist, the late Mr Nigel Holman who had a wonderful large specimen at Chyverton. It is the beautiful Magnolia wilsonii, a native of South-central China where it is becoming an endangered species due to deforestation. It has […]

Wednesday 6 July

Cornish dried flower arrangements yellow yarrow Achillea Cloth of Gold

We cut the Yarrow (Achillea “Cloth of Gold”) crop today. Lovely long stems and flat-topped bright yellow flowers. It’s a job I particularly like each year; in common with many other herbs, yarrow gives off a glorious aroma when the leaves are crushed, clearing the nasal passages! Now the flowers will be hung to dry, […]